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Toyota Camry Named Most American Car


The average person might not expect to find the most American-made car on the market at a Marion Toyota Dealer, but Cars.com says that’s the truth. According to the popular automotive website and its famous American-Made index, not other car assembled in the United States has as many domestic components, as defined by government regulations.

Chevrolet Cutting 4G LTE Data Prices

2016 Chevrolet Suburban

For a fair amount of time now, customers at Okeechobee Chevrolet Dealer have been able to get new vehicles with 4G LTE. The technology allows for a mobile WiFi hotspot, so virtually wherever the car, truck or SUV travels, the occupants have a high-speed Internet connection. Chevrolet has announced it will be cutting the prices for at least some data plan packages, bringing increased connectivity to more people.

Three Ford Models Honored in Top Quality Impact Awards


Strategic Vision has given three Ford models Top Quality Impact awards for 2016, making for an impressive performance. The Ford C-Max Energi, F-150 and Mustang were cited for providing a positive ownership experience, leaving customers with an overall positive impression of the brand. As Vallejo Ford is quick to point out, Ford itself was also highlighted in the corporation category for the awards.

Kia to Enter Subcompact Crossover Segment

PI-VR GmbH vredphoto 6.06

If you were asked if Kia is involved in every segment of the auto market the answer is obviously no. If you were then asked if you think the South Korean automaker was going to be offering vehicles in every segment of the market eventually, it would be tempting to say, probably. Although the folks at Valencia Car Dealers will be able to name a number of obscure niches of the market Kia is highly unlikely to bother with, but the number of segments it isn’t involved in is definitely reducing. Not content with its assault on the true luxury end of the market with the K900, the company now appears ready to take its first foray into the incredibly crowded and buoyant compact crossover segment.

Chevrolet Volt Puts Leaf in the Shade

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV

2016 is looking as though it could well turn out to be the year that the Chevy Volt is seen to put the Nissan Leaf firmly in its place. Those with an interest in all things environmentally-friendly will know that the Leaf has been the market-leading EV for some time now, so the guys at Chevrolet Dealers Sheffield must be delighted to see the Volt getting the better of its Japanese plug-in rival.

Honda Shows Off Autonomous Vehicle Tech


Honda is pushing the barriers of innovation, thanks to a strategic collaboration with GoMentum Station. It’s been working on a self-driving car project that could have huge ramifications for the future of the industry. Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) is another key player in the project. The automaker supplied regular vehicles like those found at a Russellville Honda Dealer, which were then outfitted with advanced autonomous drive systems. How well the technology works was shown off at the largest connected vehicle and autonomous vehicle testing grounds in the United States, located in Concord, CA.

GM to Follow Ford’s Lead on Carbon-Fiber Wheels

Baldwin Ford Dealer (3)

They do say that imitation is the finest form of flattery, so Ford must be pretty flattered that GM appears to be planning to follow its lead by offering carbon-fiber wheels as an available option on its performance cars in the future. Although we don’t know when GM will get around to it, the folks at your Baldwin Ford Dealer will always be able to point to the 2015 Shelby GT350R Mustang for having the world’s first mass-produced carbon fiber wheel application.

Ford’s Game-Changing 2017 Fusion Energi

Ford Dealers SoCal

A recent survey has shown that as many as forty percent of Americans have concerns about how far they can go in their vehicle on a full tank of gas or a single battery charge. The folks at Ford Dealers SoCal probably won’t be shocked to learn though, that their manufacturer has a new car up its sleeve that can certainly go a long way towards helping to alleviate that particular worry. The car in question is the 2017 Fusion Energi, and it could be something of a game-changer for plug-in vehicles thanks to its incredible range of 610 miles.

Ford Fusion Energi Range Outdoes the Competition


Ford says that plenty of car shoppers are concerned about range, or how far a vehicle can go on a single tank of gas or battery charge. To help put those worries to rest, the automaker has created the 2017 Fusion Energi. It’s the perfect fit for fuel-conscious Albany Ford fans, considering the sedan can go 610 miles on a single tank of gas and battery charge. In fact, that’s the best range for a plug-in hybrid that’s ever been estimated by the US EPA.

Chrysler Helps Google with Autonomous Cars


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has entered an exciting new agreement with the Google Self-Driving Car Project. It will involve advanced autonomous drive technology being installed into a number of 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrids as a way to expand the test program. Princeton Chrysler Dealer wants customers to understand that this development won’t affect any of the minivans in stock, at least for now.

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